Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friendzy Friday- Journalling Fun

I am always looking for new and interesting ways to include journalling on my pages. Fodey Generators is a very cool site that allows you to create neat things like newspaper clippings and movie clapper boards. Just go to the site and click on the options at the top (movie clapper or newspaper clipping), and you will get an example of what you can create, and fields to fill in. The character count in the fields is pretty small so you cannot include tons of text, so you need to pare it down to the essentials.

Here is a movie clapper I recently made to help cature some of the information from our recent trip to Singapore. It was our second time to the Botanic Gardens so I thought a "take two" kind of thing was neat.

I printed it out on white paper and here is a close up of the clapper that I included on this page.

And the entire page...
This is a TSF kit featuring Kaiser products that I personalised to fit my pictures.

You can also make very realistic looking newspaper clippings. I love these!! Again, you fill out the small field boxes with your text, date, name of newspaper, and then print it out.

Here is one I made capturing some of the journalling of a recent trip to Florida.

Here is a detail shot of it on my page.

And the entire page. This is a kit also from TSF that I customised to fit my pictures. I just love the Scenic Route papers here! I added some tiny alpha stickers from MLS.

Head on over to Fodey and check out these fun applications!

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Deanna said...

I really like this idea, very kewl! TFS!

Avril Tanner said...

Cool! I will definately have to check out that site! Love the layouts!