Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friendzy Friday Funnel Folded Flowers

I saw these cool flowers in the March/April 2010 issue of CK magazine and fiddled around until I figured out how to make them. I thought they would feel like a bit of spring on a snowy December day!

Start with some double sided paper. Small prints and solids work best. You can even do it with scraps since you don't need a lot of one print. You also need a circle punch. I used my one inch punch, but you could do this with any size. And also a button to finish off the flower.

Punch 6 circles all the same size.

With all circles facing the same way up, fold two edges of each circle up to form a kind of funnel.

Cut a slightly larger circle out of scrap paper. Adhere each of your funnels to the scrap circle so that they each meet in the middle. This is the fiddly part. If there are some gaps, you can gently refold your funnels until they match up nicely. If there is as gap in the middle, it is OK since your button will hide that.

When you are happy with your flower, adhere the button with liquid adhesive.

And here's mine finished.

I used these on one of my August DT layouts using the great Echo Park papers.

Give these a try...they are fun and so pretty!
Thanks for looking!

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Deanna said...

Awesome Sharon and they look amazing on your layout!