Friday, August 26, 2011

Friendzy Friday-- Back to School Cones

A few years ago we found ourselves in a little German town having lunch in a beer garden and it happened to be the first day of school. We saw lots of little ones having lunch with their families to celebrate the big day and the kids were all clutching large paper cones which were brightly decorated and filled with little presents. I realised that I had seen a photograph of my father-in-law in the 1930s holding a similar paper cone on his first day of school in Germany.

So this week I decided that a version of these first day of school cones would make a great Friendzy Friday for TSF! I made one for my DH who will be heading "back to school" (back to work).

You will need a 12x12 sheet of stiff patterned paper, a stapler, ruler, pencil, scissors and liquid glue.

Fold your paper into a cone, overlapping the edges and trying to achieve a nice point at the bottom. Staple your cone in a few places so that it will hold its shape. Don't worry, you will hide the seam and the staples with your embellishments.

Draw a pencil line across the top of your cone to achieve a nice even top. Then trim along your line.

Add more staples as needed and apply some liquid glue along the seam as well.

Now that your basic cone is finished, let your imagination soar to decorate your back to school cone. I attached eyelets on each side and used this nice green ribbon as a holder. I glued this pom pom trim along the top to hide the edge. I punched lots of colourful stars from card stock, layered them and used them to hide the seam.

On Sept 6th I plan on filling this with little presents (like a Tim's card, chocolate, a new toothbrush, markers etc.) and hanging it on my DH's chair as a first day of school present. Maybe a new tradition is born??

Give these a try and show us your creations!


Deanna said...

How kewl Sharon, my sisters little boy goes to a Germany school in Montreal and she was just telling me about this the other day. His first day is today so they are doing this right now! Very kewl, thanks for sharing!

Dr. J said...

So neat to see this tradition alive in Canada too!

Joanne said...

This is such an awesome idea! I love it!
Joanne xo

Avril Tanner said...

Great idea with the cones!!!