Friday, January 13, 2012

TSF Friendzy Friday-- More Felt Flowers!

I am up again for another TSF Friendzy Friday. I thought I would continue the felt theme I started just before Christmas. I really have been on a bit of a felt kick lately!

This time I'd love to show you another type of fun dimensional felt flower. All you need is some felt, a needle, coordinating thread and a flower die. I used this great sparkly black felt.

Cut five flower shapes plus one slightly smaller circle.

Fold a flower in half and then in half again to form a triangular/funnel shape. Stitch the pointed edge to hold the shape together.

Repeat this until you have 4 funnel shapes. Arrange them onto the circle base with the points meeting in the middle and stitch them down so they are secure. I know this is a bit hard to see since my felt is black.

Make a funnel shape with your fifth flower and insert it into the middle so that it sits upright. Tack it down with stitches so that it is secure. And here is your finished flower.

Here you can see it on a layout along with another larger white one.

I hope you give this a try, experimenting with different sizes and colours. I certainly can't wait to make some more!



Joanne said...

Great tutorial Sharon and I love your finished page!
Joanne xo

Deanna said...